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Welcome to our web page, There are many choices of goods that are sure to become your hobby, ranging from books, cd’s, vcd’s, vinyl (records), cassettes, T-shirts to other merchandise. So that you are not curious, you can immediately stop by our offline store in East Jakarta.

Pop Colony presents a variety of musical content. Because we understand, almost everyone, including you love music.

Books are an important part of life. Humans become advanced and intelligent because they diligently read books and study them

Loving art will soften the heart, and make life will feel more beautiful. Art is a gift of life.

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The Rhythm Of Life! The Greatest Hits For Your Pleasure

Musical pleasure is triggered by expectations and surprises. Much of music’s pleasure comes from the patterns of melody, rhythm, and sudden changes. An unexpected change in intensity and tempo is one of the primary means by which music provokes a strong emotional response in listeners.

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